Hello fans here is our 2014 schedule to date. As we are trying to move away from our Pennichuck home we have not determined which locals fields our home games will be played at. Right now I, Flask, am working with several local municipalities and organization to play at their beautiful and historical well maintained fields to call home. These include Leary Field in Portsmouth, NH, Evans Field Rockport, MA , and Georges Island Boston, MA. By April field locations will be finalized. Without further adieu I present the schedule:

04/26 – (1886) Whately Pioneers Base Ball Club Herlihy Field Whatley MA
05/03 – (1886) vs. Westfield Wheelmen Fuller Field (America’s Oldest Field)
05/17 – (1864/1886) vs. Presumpscot Base Ball club and Dirigo Vintage Base Ball (home location TBD)
06/07 – (1864) vs. Essex Base Ball Fremont, NH
06/14 – (1886) vs. Boston Beaneaters (location TBD)
06/21 – (1886) vs. Whately Pioneers Base Ball Club Tunbridge, VT
07/12 – (1864) vs. Presumpscot Base Ball Club (away location TBD)
08/16 – (1886) vs Boston Beaneaters (location TBD)
08/24 – (1886) vs Whately Pioneers Base Ball Club (home location TBD)
09/13 – (1864) vs Dirigo Vintage Base Ball Club (away location TBD)
09/27 – (1886/1864) vs. Providence Grays @Borderlands State Park



Much thanks for WMUR and New Hampshire Chronicle for re-airing the segment starring our team and the Melrose Pondfielders. If you are interested in watching a game, hosting a game for a celebration or charity event, playing, or even umpiring please email us at nhgvbbc@yahoo.com.

Granite crumble to Pioneers

The New Hampshire Granite fell to the well staffed Whatley Pioneers on 27 Apr 2013. Well the Granite provided excellent defense, following this 4 day journey to the Western expanses, their bats were lacking. Some may say it was due to offseason laziness but senior Granite member Doc Cochran contributed to the work of the devil. The Granite believe after their successful 2012 campaign their bats feel into the hands of a  local witch doctor who cursed the sacred wood. In response the Granite sacrificed Mike Utah O’Connor’s lunch in order to appease the Gods. Only time will tell if this was enough of a sacrifice to reverse the curse. Next game June 1, Nashua NH Pennichuck Educational Schooling Grounds.