Winter Meetings Held

Boston, MA December 13th, 1885 – Members of the Granite Squadron met at the mouth of the Merrimack to begin the journey down to the Massachusetts state capital of Boston. Team Captain Flask and Tank Cochran met up with other representatives from other teams to discuss the upcoming season, travel and housing arrangements. All teams agreed that as the years move on base ball is becoming more manly and the game needs to be spread to the corners of the country. This year the Granite will host several teams on the former grounds of the Civil War POW camp at Fort Warren in Boston Harbor. The Granite will also bring the game to the Green Mountain State where they shall play the 1884 World Champion Providence Grays. Other opponents this year include the Whately Pioneers of (MA), Dirigo Base Ball Club (ME), Portsmouth Rockinghams (NH), and Boston Beaneaters (MA). The Granite welcome back all former players as this is the team’s tenth year in existence. Founded in 1876 as a centennial revival by Leaky Peter Duda the team has achieved great success over the years! Come one, come all to see the greatest show on natural grass. HUZZAH!


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