Granite take Tri-State Battle for Georges Island


The New Hampshire Granite waged their own war this weekend against fine squads from the Medford/Melrose Pondfielders and the Bristol Blues. While not that familiar with the 1860’s game on this 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg these men decided to honor the men who fought by playing by the rules 1864.

Game 1 : vs. Melrose

In a back and forth battle the Granite come out on top. Down 8-4 in the 5th inning the Granite responded well to the shear insane screams and shouts of their captain to come out and hit the daylights out of the ball. In addition the Granite defense was rock solid holding off a last inning surge to win 10-8. A well played game by both sides and a great start to the games.

Game 2: vs. Bristol

In an inaugural match between these two teams another show was put on for the crowd. With the Granite ahead 7-5 in the 7th inning Bristol went ahead with a 2 run  single with an additional run coming across on a hefty throwing error made by Captain Flask.  The Granite tied the game in the 8th and held off the Blues with men on second and third in the top of the ninth. With two outs, bottom of the ninth, Flask came to bat determined to make right  up for his earlier error. After singling, stealing second and third, a clutch infield single by Honest Don Cederquist brought the winning run home.



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