Granite melt Grays in Spring Sizzler

June 1st, 2013 – Nashua, NH – Behind the haunting words of their Skipper the New Hampshire Granite brought their bats and brought them early and often in a 20 – 11 defeat of the 1884 Providence Grays. Temperatures in the 90’s could not quell a solid defensive outing and specular hurling from Steve Sabre Smith who managed to wear the regulation uniform and resist temptation to wear capri pants. The true story of the day was center fielder Tolin Vaccaro who went 6 for 6 for the day. “Kid’s got wheels and hands, what else do you need?” proclaimed Granite short stop Collin Banjo Miller. The Granite and Grays played a second match in the 1864 style of base ball, however records of this game were seized by the Confederacy so the final outcome was not recorded.

The Granite next play June 15th in Historic Holman stadium against the Nashua Dodgers. The game will be played using the rules of 1940s.


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