Granite team management to meet with Mike Leake

By Brian Donohue

Manchester, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Following the team’s first game in the humid 40 degree weather of the home state the New Hampshire Granite look to make some moves to deepen its roster.  While Judson Swiminer pitched very well in game one it remains to be seen if his arm can withstand 200 pitches game in and game out.  “I feel great, but unless I can get a hat I don’t think my body can handle the demands of being the #1 starter.” With an abundance of third and first basemen it remains to be seen where a pitcher can be found

In lieu of this captain Brian ‘Flask” Donohue has been on a mission to find a supporting cast of characters to join the Judge on the mound.  Searching the local prisons and elementary schools has turned up few reliable leads but a recent development in Bud Selig’s Major League has sent Flask down the Ohio River to entice a young ace . Boarding a riverboat in Pittsburgh, Flask should reach the fine city of Cincinnati to entice a young Reds pitcher to join the upstart Granite.

Late Monday afternoon young right hand fireballer Mike Leake of the Reds was arrested accused of stealing from a Macy’s, some sort of posh arrogant Victorian store. The young man made a mistake but for brash manager Dusty Baker. ” In my day a player wouldn’t have free time, he would be too busy working on his form and mind,” proclaimed Baker. As uncertainty about Leake’s future, teams are clamoring to get the young ace. The Granite are no stranger to crime, over the years several items have gone missing from the team bag , but that hasn’t phased Flask from pursuing Leake. In hearing the news of Leake’s apparent signing with the Granite Nashua Business owner Alec Koutsos Jr, owner of Alec’s Shoes was ecstatic, ” Mr. Leake can steal from our store anytime he likes, just as long as he brings a winning team back to Nashua.”

In other news Mike O’Connor has set sail for Venezuela to appeal for the release of the Granite’s new closer Ugueth Urbina. “Attempted murder, that’s not a punishable crime, its not like you killed someone,” muttered O’Connor.


2 thoughts on “Granite team management to meet with Mike Leake

  1. Way to work the wire Flask! Given the Whately Pioneers success with a talented female player on their squad perhaps you can swing a little further west and try to coax Jennie Finch out of retirement…although she’s 7 months pregnant now, by June she will have delivered and could help the team if Judge needs some relief…

  2. I’d forgive his trangressions and take Ugie Urbina’s arm to help the club!!

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