Contact the Granite!

The Granite is always looking for new players, historians and fans. If interested please email Flask at


9 thoughts on “Contact the Granite!

  1. Please contact me if you are ever going to be short of players

    • Alan, where are from? What is your playing experience?

      • Live in Pearl River, NY, near the Tappan Zee bridge and saw your team three years ago at Holman Stadium. My cousin lives in Franklin where I just stayed. I played organized softball from 1969 till 2000, and still play once a week on Wednesdays. I was at the tournament in Pittsfield four years ago, actually went from opening night for the Nashua Pride to Pittsfield the next day.

  2. Alan were you able to make it up to the game in manchester? If interested I would love to get you more involved with the team, as a historian, umpire, etc. what would your thoughts on this be?

  3. I am interested in trying out? for the team. Can you give more information.

    I live in Salem, NH

    thank you


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